A few treasures to brighten your day:

A few Smile treasures:

Fisherman falls out of boat into dam. While he is swimming &
struggling, he sees a duck hunter hiding in the bush & reeds. He
shouts, “Don’t Shoot!” The duck hunter shouts back, “Don’t Quack!”

While a robber is escaping, he falls into a combined harvester…
They say he will be baled soon!

Mom says, “Johnny, you must share your toys with Billy.” “But mum,
I am. He pushes the bike to the top of the hill and I ride down!”

What’s the diffrence between a Zippo and a Hippo? A Hippo is a big
heavy animal and a Zippo is a little lighter!

I cried when mother chopped up onions… Onions was such a lovely

The Best: Little boy asks Dad in the car: “Daddy, Who told you
how to drive before you knew Mommy?

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please use the comment and
follow buttons and share if you like. Til next time.

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