The Importance of Sesame Seeds…

For an achingly amusing and incredibly funny Year End function,
Barry Blomkamp also has a lovely light C for Serious thread through
his performances…

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Thanks – Much appreciated…

You might know one of our burger franchises kindly caters for the
blind in which, they identify the parts of the “meal” with braille
on the lids of the cool drink cups and Sesame seeds on the top of
the buns…

Recently, I tried this burger – to find out the effectiveness of
the braille…

The sesames seeds on the bun are to point out in braille that this
is the burger and not the box. Because the burger and the box
taste the same! LOL!

That’s a tiny sample of what Blind Entertainer, Inspirational
Speaker and Trainer Barry Blomkamp delivers. “He is achingly
amusing and incredibly funny with a lovely light C for Serious
thread through his performances.”

Barry’s popular presentation, “THE IMPORTANCE OF SESAME SEEDS!” is
absolutely ideal for your organisations next function – Awards,
Year-end event, Christmas Party, or whatever. It is a
light-hearted act with piles of laughs threaded together with a
subtle line of Inspiration. All specifically tailored to suit your
function, and Vixen, Barry’s guide dog, helps to make your event an
unforgettable experience. Book the pair now! Contact Barry Blomkamp
on a Messenger PM. and please do a public share.

The Ultimate “Crash-Test Dummy, Barry has done it all… From
Spear fishing, Flying, Mountain climbing, Entrepreneur, Motor
racing; to almost losing his life in a terrible car crash; to
spending time in a wheel chair; to the traumatic adaption to the
loss of his eye-sight; to becoming the worlds only blind motor
racing commentator; to creating his very successful “Turbo-Talk
Training” public speaking business.

Meet this amazing Blind man by clicking on

“You don’t need eye-sight to have VISION!” says Barry.

Q: Ever been on a blind date?
A: You get a good feeling!

Now is the time to book Barry & Vixen. For a quote, call or drop
him a WhatsApp at 083 230-5753 or even a PM will work or

More info, pics and videos at –

Look out early next year for Barry’s launch of some power house
workshops on “Becoming a Sales Superstar & Telex – How to be a
Proper Ace expert on the phone”

Book him now for Inspiration, Entertainment or his new workshops.
Contact Barry Blomkamp on a Messenger PM. and please share public.

“See you soon!”

Thanx. Warmest of regards and please be safe & relaxed on your

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Til next time.

& Share, Share, Share. Thanks.

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