Dear all,

It’s been such a pleasure sharing this year with you.

here’s wishing you and family the greatest of happy holidays and
fun in the sun. While we Jingle Bells in December and Juggle Bills
in january!

May your good health be confirmed by your Dentist,
Gastro-endocrinologist, Urologist, Psychologist, Optician,
Fortune-teller, and may your Physiotherapist, Chiropractor,
Therapist, Witch-doctor, Sangoma and your slimming clinic tell you
don’t have to come anymore.

May your doctor know where to begin and may your masseuse know
where to stop.

May your income, your housing subsidy, the contents of your house
and all your shares increase in value, and may your blood pressure,
weight, morgage loan, tax and cholesterol all decrease.

May all your friends remember you and may the taxman forget you

May your walls be too high for the neighbourhood’s thieves but low
enough for you to hop over when you have forgotten your keys.

May our government become honest and return our money spent on the
presidents friends!

May hijackers and car thieves overlook you and may your loved ones
always see you.

May your beer or Martini always remail cool and full!

Lastly, may your and your families festive season be safe,
satisfying, peaceful, happy, very special and magical.

Relax, smile and share lots of love. Make sure you have mistletoe
on your front door.

Stand back – it is my wish 2018 is going to go huge on you and YOUR
FAMILY. That it is going to be a big, beautiful and
prosperous year for each of us all.

If you’re expecting a card in the post – Sorry this is it! Hit
print to display on mantle. The money saved will go towards my
Champagne & Caviar Fund!

Much Love

Barry & Vixen

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please use the share button. Til
next year!

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