The wonderful game of Cricket.

With the current Indian Cricket tour here against our Proteas, it
is worth repeating just how this fascinating game is played…

The Game of Cricket..

Cricket is a game played outside by two sides, one in the field and
one out.

Each player thats in the side thats in goes out, and when he is
out, The next man goes in until, well, he is out.

When everyone is out, the side thats out comes in, and the side
thats been in goes out and tryes to get those coming in out.

When both sides have been in and out, and all the men have been
out, including the not out, thats the end of the innings.

Then they all go in and out again and thats the end of the game!

One can’t explain why this is such a great game.

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please use the Share button! Til
next time.

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