To compete at the top, you want your people to get their skills spot-on.

To compete at the top, you want your people to get their skills
spot-on. Learning is so so so important. Our splendid country
needs real education to transform and live up to its full potential

Blind Motivational speaker, Barry Blomkamp says: In our current
economy, most business and folk seem to find BLIND SPOTS

Barry Blomkamp / TurboTalk Training (SP)
Pure Motivation, Comedy and Master-of-Ceromonies,

Accentuate the Positive and eliminate the negative.

With over 15 years solid experience on the Corporate speaking
circuit, Barry Blomkamp is right there with the cream of SA’s Top
Motivational Speakers. He comes packed brimful with a huge
reputation and a mighty, provocative and practical impact.

Why is Barry Blomkamp a cut above the rest? In simple terms, and
despite the fact that Barry is blind, he “watches” and studies the
nuances of life, noting the lessons that are there for all to
“see”. For you, for your workforce, for the success of your
business, etc.

Crisis can often be the tipping point to Self-betterment:

Since an early age, Barry has been a highly successful entrepreneur
and it was during the period when he had his own motor business,
racing a sports car and a loving family at home when the “Crisis”
happened. Barry was involved in a massive car crash! It very
nearly ended his life. It ended his great business! Chucked his
family on the rocks and was left to face the rest of his life
totally Blind! Disabled! Prospects Nil! Dangers at every turn!

Small and seemingly inconsequential “mistakes”, – The ones we all
tend to make. The punishment of utter and dismal failure appeared
to be hectic.

How does one come back from this? Key triggers were: Refusal to
accept the fate of a dead-end road. Adjust and create new
strengths, learn from the lessons and Refocus on fresh ideals.
Barry Blomkamp has truly “Accentuated the Positive and eliminated
the negative”.

Along with his beautiful guide-dog, Vixen, hearing about Barry’s
emphatic life-changing experiences will give you a new and unique
perspective – VISION! “Barry Blomkamp cuts through the clutter of
motivational fads and hits you with a genuine and systematic way to
create a Winning Personal Profit Recipe. Barry proves in a simple
and practical way to an effective personal success strategy. –
Book Barry now! by contacting him on Messenger, or

No matter what performance Barry is delivering he is always
refreshingly amusing and the power of his key theme is such it will
blow your mind and reset many of those ‘take-for-granted’ thought
patterns. “It stirs the soul!”

Barry’s message is interactive and powerful Inspiration,; His
entertainment & master-of-ceremonies is crafty cleverness; and his
new Sales and Telephony workshops are loaded with pure knowledge.

Barry Blomkamp is often evaluated as “Best speaker” on the
conference and seminar circuits.

Book him now for Inspiration, Entertainment or his new workshops.
Contact on Messenger/ Barry

“See you soon!”

Warmest of regards,

From the office of Barry Blomkamp Nd. BSc (UL)

PS1: Passing on this message in its entirety could change
someone’s life for the better.

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please use the comment and
share. Til next time.

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