Intelligent Tech gives massive independence to our disabled.

This is a repeat of the post, with the video included below, as promised, apologies for the mistake.

Intelligent Tech gives massive independence to our local disabled.

Please read this wonderfully local and magically heart warming story right to the end…

During the course of last year, I was hugely honoured to be selected to assist in an  analytical pilot project for the disabled by UCT and Coral Tech.

A Google Home Unit was installed in my cottage for the trial,  it was a lot of fun and very interesting. (Can be seen in the video below). With me now being able to lay in bed and shout into the lounge to switch the kettle on, or things like that, and… it gets done!

After the trial, the unit was reinstalled at Cheshire Home. It is tasked to assist a lady with no arms and no legs. It has given her so much newfound independence, almost unreal!

A few months later, Cliff Court of Coral Tech and his intelligent VoQoL (Voice Quality of Life) system was installing similar units in more quadriplegic homes around our peninsula. The terrific ability of the boys and girls to simply tel the lights to switch on
or off. Close the curtains. Change a TV or Radio station. Turn a cooling fan off or on and many other delights was a newfound fantastic. The reports of grinning faces and sheer happiness at their owners newfound freedom was stunning to hear. No more having to call someone!!

The year ended on a high note, when the Telkom Foundation told Anthony Ghillino at the QuadPara Association they would be sponsoring the installation of more units at Turfhall Eric Miles Cheshire Home, and at the quadriplegic home in Durbanville! They
really like the project and provided half the funding with the possibility of more coming later.

If you would like to get involved, please PM me.

Blogger Barry: Hope you enjoyed? Please share as much as
possible. Til next time.

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