Are you a Referee…

Hi, Remember that wacky blind Motivational Speaker, Barry

Well with the current news of the Ashwin Willemse and Nick
Mallet’s studio incident, here’s an experience I had a couple of
years ago…

I am a normal South African and like most South Africans, I am
sport crazy.

At an interview session at a local Old Boys Club, the great
Springbok Rugby ex coach, Nick Mallett was on stage being
interviewed… while I was sitting down in the front row with
shades and my white stick. (These events are too busy to take my
guide dog)

At the end of the fascinating chat, during question time, I got
a chance to ask Nick a question. He took one look at me and asked
“Are you a referee?” – then huge laughter – and the house came

It is common during a game if people are not happy with
the referees decisions, to shout “Hey Ref, are you blind?” or
“Hey Ref, you need a guide dog!” All in the fun of the moment.

Afterwards, the courteous Nick actually looked for me to answer
myquestion on a more personal level. If I was a fan of his
before, I became a devotee. Despite his huge success in the
world of International Rugby, I found Nick Mallett is a
very down-to-earth guy who is very in touch with
personal interaction and is deeply fond of people.

On top of which, I found Nick’s lack of the usual fear of a
“disabled” person was refreshing. He treated me as a perfectly
“normal” person – just one that couldn’t see. In fact, during our
chat, it was pleasing to find that in order to emphasise a
certain point, Nick would tap my arm.

Yep, that is another of the many entertaining moments Barry comes
across in his interesting daily round.

Barry Blomkamp is one of the top Motivational Speakers and
Comedians in SA, wowing audiences at Conferences, Seminars and
Special Events with his beautiful Vixen guide-dog. Contact Barry
for a booking now via a PM.

Barry: “You don’t need eye-sight to have a fun filled life. You
just need the Right Attitude”

Blogger Barry: Thanks for your time. Hope you enjoyed. Please
Share to your friends. Til next time.

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