New & Current presentations/programs are:

** TELETEX workshop”
Deals with Telephony and how to become a Skilled Telephone
Technique Ace.

** “Sales Super Star Workshop”
Deals with The Art of being a True Sales Person with a genuine

** “Sales and Telephony”
(workshops – loaded with pure knowledge – SuperSize your Skills)

**  “The Art of Successful Sales”
(Wakes you up to a Practical and Systematic way to create your own Individual and Effective Sales Strategy)

**  “ABILITY – If it is to BE – It’s GOTTA BE ME”
(Deals with the amazing ability of the Human Spirit)

**  “Bungled into touch and onto Achievement”
(Is riveting. Inspires to LIVE FOR LIFE and make the most of your journey)

**  “The importance of SESAME SEEDS!”
(Mealtime entertainment: Light-hearted humour with an Inspirational thread)

**  “Our 6 leg walk to Freedom”
(All the stories of Barry’s Guide-dogs – Ideal for animal lovers)

(Deals with Positive Control)

**  “It’s not what Happens to you – It’s what you do About It!”
(Deals with Acceptance, Responsibility and Performance)

**  “To Finish First you First have to Finish.”
(Deals with Personal Life Purpose, Concentration and Focus)

**  “Sift, Lift, don’t Drift, and Appreciate the Gift”
(Deals with Balance, Sorting, Acceptance and Appreciation)

**  “He don’t looook so gooood!”
(Mealtime entertainment: Light-hearted humour with an Inspirational thread)

— Each presentation is researched and assembled to be event and audience specific —

Most of the High-Impact Inspirational presentations come with a free “High-value” conference hand-out pack for each delegate to a maximum of 50.  There after a small printing charge is applicable.

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1 thought on “Presentations

  1. Hi can you plse forward me a quote for a presentation at Distell, Stellenbosch for between 15 and 40 people. Quotes for topics: Ability, and Happiness or Satisfaction, and It is not what Happens to you, and Sift, Lift, don’t Drift.
    We are currently just put feelers out. Purpose : for a Dept’s year end function. Type of people: Engineers and an Engineering Workshop.
    Thank you

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