Teagan Schwerin: Regional Co-ordinator SA Guide-dogs Association.
“I enthusiastically endorse Barry Blomkamp as a Master  of Ceremonies.  Barry has emceed events for the SA  Guide-Dogs Association for the Blind with the Barracuda Restaurant ‘Dinner  in the Dark’ being the most recent.  Barry is very  professional, knowledgeable and has a very humorous and energetic approach  which keeps the audience’s attention and wanting more.  We have  clearly noticed he pays attention to detail and thoroughly  prepares beforehand.  We always look forward to events that Barry is  Master of Ceremonies.”

Manfred Klose:  Director Projects – Past President – Rotary Club of Oostenberg.
“Barry Blomkamp has acted as MC and Motivational Speaker for our club on  several occasions.  It needs to be noted that, besides being a Highly  Skilled Professional, he also has the ability to see and relay Humour in a  very special way. It is indeed an experience of note to listen to him.   I can highly recommend Barry’s Services.”

Shirley Odendaal:  Public Relations Officer.  SANCB.
“Barry Blomkamp has been the Master of Ceremonies for the SA National  Council for the Blind at several fundraising and donor events held in the  Western Cape.  He is Well prepared and planned, Professional, Articulate  and entertaining.  His rapport with his audience was excellent.  I  have no hesitation in recommending Barry.”

Arthur Gillis (CEO) Protea Hotel Group
“There is no doubt that we all have something to learn from Barry. The way he has risen above his adversity is an example and an inspiration to us all. Barry has huge take-home-value”

Mandy Nel: Financial Advisor: Psidean Financial Services.
“Thank you for the inspiration.  It made me aware that we have so much to be grateful for, and should stop looking at what we don’t have, and focus on what we have and what we are capable of doing with it. We tend to be our own worst enemy.  I have decided I want to be my won best friend and motivator. Thank you for that Barry.”

Saloshini Govender: Claims Specialist Old Mutual.
“I just had to tell you I think you are such a remarkable human being.  I am a Nurse and a Claims Assessor, and your strength and courage,  shows me how true it is that ‘you are what you want to be’.  I salute you Barry.”

Tanya Stone (Director) Conference Wise:
“I thought: ‘Wow, look at Barry and how positive he is after all the trauma he has gone through!!’ You are so right – if you believe in yourself, you can do anything! your ABILITY statement is so powerful! You have amazing humour – you allow people to laugh at themselves too, and also create awareness that everybody makes mistakes. I also learnt so much! You are touching and influencing people, giving them insight and making a huge difference in such a good way. Your talk is a great tool.”

Traci Porter: Wealth Management Advisor. (Univ. of Stellenbosch)
“Thank you Barry for the inspiring talk.  I loved what you said about toxic emotions.  It really struck a chord with me.  This year I will let the little irritations go past without a hissy fit.”

Delia Ndlovu – GM GES Deloitte & Touche.
“You are so good.  Such a powerful message. Staff say what a positive impact you have made on their lives.  You were clearly sent to teach these lessons.  I am truly blessed to have met someone like you!  I will never forget today, you are my inspiration!!!”

Andre Havenga (General Manager) Insurance Hotline.
“Listening to Barry makes one realize that we must appreciate what we have and never take it for granted. Where we are or end up in life is determined by the choices we make and to search for the reasons & answers in whatever happens to us in life.”

Mike Glasby REG. MAN. CTN) Mutual & Federal Insurance Co. Ltd.
“Thank you for attending our conference and for the inspiring presentation you delivered. I certainly believe that it will have had the same effect on my colleagues as it did on me. That is one of amazement at what can be achieved if you get your mind right. I find myself pondering things that you said well after the conference took place. Generally, it has made me more positive about some of the “massive” challenges that we need to face. It’s all about ABILITY.”     

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